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Duration: 2 years
1. Major shift in Teacher Education Programme

The Teacher education programme has become more sensitive to the emerging demands of the school system.

To provide more scope for student teacher to reflect on their experiences and empower teacher as agents of social change ,the duration of the teacher education programme has been extended for two years .Within the two years our college aims to prepare the student teachers for the role of being a human facilitator in teaching and learning ,to enable learners to discover the talents ,to realize their physical and intellectual potentiality to fullest and to develop character and desirable social and human values needed to function as responsible citizens of our nation.

2. Eligibility for Admission to the Course

A candidate shall be eligible for admission into the course leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) provides:

The candidate who has taken a B.A /B.Sc., under 10+2+3 pattern ,in school subjects that are offered in the recognized secondary schools in Tamil Nadu,B.Litt, or a Post-Graduate degree in the subject taken at the UG level of the Universities in Tamil Nadu or a degree of some other University accepted by the Syndicate in Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University as equivalent thereto with the subject concerned as the major in Part III of his/her Bachelor Degree Examination with the minimum of 50%marks in Part III (Major and Allied subjects) for O.C, 45% for B.C, 43% for M.B.C and 40% marks for S.C/S.T.

This foresaid minimum qualification is applicable to the candidate who seeks admission into the B.Ed course with the P.G qualification in the concerned subject also.

Reservation of seats and other concessions for the SC/ST, M.B.C., B.C and other special categories of candidates notified by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu may be provided in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Government of Tamil Nadu in force from time to time.

3. Duration

The course of study shall be for two years. The total number of working days of an academic year will be 200 days inclusive of Practice Teaching, School/ Community based activities and exclusive of Admission and Examinations work .The course work for an academic year will be 1400 hours.

4. Courses of study

By having understood the emerging national concern and major shifts proposed by NCTE our college has outlined a differentiated and diversified curriculum which gives a varied mode of interactive learning engagement in line with the requirement of visualizing greater autonomy to the prospective teachers.

5. Sports and Games

There is a full time Physical Director. In addition to theoretical lectures and demonstrations, participation in sports and games is made compulsory.


The Art and Craft Instructor prepares the students for Socially Useful Productive Work Programmes.

7. Clubs

Subject clubs are organised for enrichment of knowledge and development of talents. Health Club, Fine Art Club, Consumer Club and Red Ribbon Club are the different clubs which are functioning effectively in our college.

8. Talent Programmers

Opportunities are provided for the development of hidden talents of the students throughout the year.

9. Seminars

In addition to the regular academic programmes, Seminars and Workshops are also organised, inviting experts from different fields.

Self-Awareness Programme

A course on self-awareness will be conducted; Attendance for this course is obligatory for all.

1.Extension Activities

Every year, our staff and the students in collaboration with alumni association organize either a science exhibition or social camp or Medical camp in a selected rural area around Bodinayakanur.It is a service to the rural people by our college. It also motivates our students towards a broad national outlook. Also important national days are celebrated to develop national values.

2.Alumni Association

Alumni association is another supportive pillar of the College and link between the former students. The Students are registered as members of the association, when they complete the courses. The Members are encouraged, through this association, to live and spread the Sacred Heart Mission Values and to cooperate with various activities of the college.

A lot of outreach programmes and common celebrations are organized; Apart from the general body meeting, periodical meetings are held as and when the situation arises to participate in the development of the college. Current students are also involved in the activities of the association.

3.Computer Education

Our Computer centre has 25 Computers with latest configuration. The B.Ed Students are given training in using Computer Software’s. The Centre offers a course on Computer Applications which comprises 40 hrs.

4.Carreer guidance and Placement cell (CGPC)

Our College offers guidance and counseling, career motivation and information regarding various courses related to employment. Details of the employment opportunities are provided. The placement service is given to the students. Campus interview is organized every year in our campus. Reputed institutions look for our students.


Spice valley Teacher Education College being a community of prospective teachers, the staff management, tending towards a common goal, life in the campus must be inspired by unity, mutual trust and co-operation among these partners. The following general code of conduct should be observed.

  • 1. Every student should confirm to the rules and regulations relating to attendance, library, college – fees, examinations etc.
  • 2. Students are forbidden to smoke in the college premises, to write or make any marks on the walls or to throw paper or ink on the floor of the class rooms or the verandas.
  • 3. Students are not allowed to stand or walk along the verandas of the college, during class hours.
  • 4. Strict silence must be observed during class hours in the class rooms.
  • 5. Every student should confirm to the rules and regulations relating to attendance, library, college – fees, examinations etc.
  • 6. Students are forbidden to smoke in the college premises, to write or make any marks on the walls or to throw paper or ink on the floor of the class rooms or the verandas.
  • 7. Students are not allowed to stand or walk along the verandas of the college, during class hours.
  • 8. Strict silence must be observed during class hours in the class rooms.
  • 9. Students are expected to be true gentle, by using courteous to all, especially to their professors and elders.
  • 10. When a lecture or any other member of the staff enters a class, the students must stand up and not sit down until he invites them to do so or he himself takes the seat. They should likewise stand up when he leaves the class.
  • 11. Mobile phones are prohibited inside the classes and in the campus.
  • 12. No Student should leave the class room during lecture without permission of the lecturer. Similarly no student should call out any student from the class without permission from lecturer.
  • 13. Any difference that may arise among the students, staff and management should be resolved by peaceful methods. Requests petitions, appeals and complaints of any kind must be made to the staff concerned and never directly to higher authorities.
  • 14. College property and furniture should be handled with care and anyone who damages them will be held liable to pay for the damage caused. Stealing of college property or belonging of others constitutes a serious offence&immediate sanction will be imposed. Lights and fans in the class room must be switched off when there in no lecture in that class.
  • 15. Students will not be permitted to take away any broken apparatus from the college.
  • 16. Staff and students should park their cycles, scooters, etc in the respective cycle stands and not anywhere else in the Campus.
  • 17. Any organized from of social or cultural celebrations or activities by students either inside the campus or outside should be done only with the explicit permission of the principal and under the guidance of the staff.
  • 18. Students should attend meetings as per instructions; Decency and discipline should be maintained in meetings and celebrations.


1. Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meetings in the college premises, or collect money for any purpose without the explicit permission of the principal.

2. No Student who has been convicted of any offence in a Criminal court will be allowed to continue his studies in the college Students should abstain from active participation in party or communal politics.

3. Students who indulge in political propaganda or who organize fellow students into political factions in the premises of the colleges or who otherwise engage themselves in party politics are liable to be expelled from the college.

4.Under the educational rules of the Tamilnadu government(1978) the Principals has full power to inflict the following punishment; fine loss of term certificate, suspension and expulsion from the college, if any student is guilty of rudeness of behavior and gross breach of conduct rules.

5. Students should not indulge in any activity leading to the disruption or peace and discipline and dislocation of normal work in the college premises. Those who are guilty of violation of this rule will be severely dealt with.

6. Ragging of any kind is strictly forbidden; anyone who is guilty of ragging will be summarily and severely punished.

7.Students who are guilty of (i) rude language towards the staff of the college; (ii) assault or attempt to assault staff or fellow students of the college or hostels will be expelled from the institution.

8. If a college professor by speech or otherwise seeks to mislead his students into activities deemed objectionable, he is to be punished for dereliction of duty.